Lesson Number 2: Move Forward, Fast

We’ve all been there. Dwelling on the situation at hand, something so completely out of control yet demanding every drop of attention.

Fortunately, I haven’t lost any sleep over the past month.

I have beat myself up for being so naïve. I have eaten like garbage because by the time I realize I’m even hungry, my stomach is already eating itself. I have dropped all motivation to be active. I have coasted, because in all of this I was just depleted.

Daylight savings couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Did anyone else notice the case of the Monday’s effect wasn’t as powerful this week, or was that just me? With a new opportunity at my feet, I have the desire to reclaim what has been lost and break past my own personal ceilings. The ceilings that developed during a time when I felt I couldn’t move forward.

This week has been a lot of organizing, planning and goal setting. One thing I have implemented is working with an accountability team. A great way to brainstorm ideas, share challenges, and set both personal and professional goals. It’s a fantastic method to develop a plan and communicate it beyond your organization. The idea being that your accountability partner, or, in our case, team, can be a support system to encourage you to fulfil your tasks, and conversely you can be the same for them. This week’s goals were plenty, and it’s always one day at a time, but for now the blueprint is drawn.

As I dissociated myself from the company that I created, I couldn’t help but feel the loss, personally. Not in the sense of failure or defeat, but loss. Like I was about to mourn the death of a mission I had set out on. In addition to this, there were many emotions I felt surrounding the experience. Some anger, mostly frustration, but ultimately my responsibility to the clients I work with overcame what I was personally dealing with. It was my goal to maintain some sense of stability and I was not about to let down anyone who supported me, especially during a time that was completely out of control.

Between the termination of a business and joining on with an established company, I had a quick stint of sole-proprietorship. The beginnings of a new brand, and a new company – I’d have the chance to do it all over again… which is exactly the moment I hit the wall, hard. Atop of the 100th time I was explaining what was going on with my former employment, redeeming the personal credibility that sunk with the ship, the paperwork piling up, and an overwhelming fog rising in my brain, staying focused proved to be impossible.

In the best interests of the clients I work with and in order to foster my personal growth in business, I made the decision to join a company of grand credibility. You guessed it, integrity is everything. So what now?

Moving forward is progress. I am evolving through this major life lesson. I am still breathing, and the fresh air continues to clear the fog. Some lessons are learned the hard way, I prefer to call it the scenic route.


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